Have you requested an extension?

Our Los Angeles Planning Department dropped the 13,000-page Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), commencing a 45 day window for comments on the 13,000 page document during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is most assuredly inequitable to the Hollywood neighborhood residents.

Once again, Planning and the City are strategically leaving out the Hollywood neighborhoods by not allowing proper access to the DEIR.… Read the rest

Variety Gives an Update on Development in Hollywood

Stop The Millennium Hollywood welcomes appropriate entertainment industry-related projects. In fact, our attorney, Robert Silverstein, in another case is trying to save a portion of the remaining minuscule 1.8% of manufacturing zoned land to support the entertainment industry against loss to a mixed-use project on La Brea. Additional mixed-use and mega-sized projects like the Millennium skyscrapers threaten our over-burdened infrastructure.Read the rest

Our Hero

Morrison-SilvertsteinLA Times writer Patt Morrison profiles our attorney Robert Silverstein in a well conducted interview. It highlights the moral and ethical values that guide Robert in his quest to bring justice and a level playing field to the battle between the citizens and the politicians.

The case is entering its next phase as we go to trial on the City’s “pattern and practice” of breaking and ignoring the rules in order to get illegal projects through the administrative approval process.

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City Approves Geology Findings Rejected by State Geologist

finalApHere’s the good news. The judge doesn’t care what LADBS says about the earthquake studies that the developer submitted. He gave his determination that the city and the developer failed in adequately evaluating the impacts that this project would and could have on our infrastructure.   The city was instructed  to NOT approve or evaluate this project and to NOT issue any permits.… Read the rest